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Celtic Twist Top Salt Box


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Once you begin using Celtic Sea Salt®, you’ll never want to use processed table salt again. That’s why the twist top pocket salt box is so convenient—whether you’re dining at a friend’s house, eating out at a restaurant, or traveling, you’ll never have to be without Celtic Sea Salt® again. This little refillable box fits nicely in a purse or pocket, and makes a great conversation piece!

Simple one-time method to getting your brand new pocket box top to tighten:

This box is handcrafted from teak wood, that is dried, cured and packaged in a sealed bag. Once you receive this, the wood needs just a little time to absorb moisture and swell. First pack the wooden pocket box with our salt and store it somewhere damp temporarily. In under 24 hrs the top will be snug and the box ready to-go!