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You would think that medical schools would provide future doctors with the knowledge they need to properly guide their patients in making good food choices.But the truth is very different. When I was in medical school, there was little or no mention of diet anywhere in the curriculum. In fact, I don’t recall any instruction about how food affects the body. The only dietary information medical students are exposed to is the standard American Diabetes Association (ADA) diets.

Unfortunately, these diets are a disaster for patients, as the ADA recommends refined carbohydrates and the use of artificial sweeteners


Why do we get sick? My basic premise behind illness is that prolonged malfunction results in disease. What are the roles of malnutrition, allergy, toxin, tissue damage, and infection?

Deficiency disorders are old. They presented in the past as famine. Today they are cloaked in the guise of packaged and processed foods.  Nutritional deprivation abounds as we drown in a sea of caloric overabundance. The introduction of white flour and high fructose corn syrup are major players in our current obesity

I have been practicing holistic medicine for over 20 years. I have yet to see any single nutrient help as many patients as iodine. Every cell in your body needs iodine. You can not make a single hormone without it, yet people do not get enough of it.

The main complaint I hear from my patients is that they feel fatigued. Although there are many causes, an imbalance in the thyroid gland is the chief underlying factor in most cases of fatigue. Furthermore, iodine deficiency is the main cause of the thyroid problems we are facing

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