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Researchers recently studied samples consisting of over 20,000 animals from 24 populations (equally divided between males and females) representing eight species living with or around humans in industrialized societies. They found that in all animal populations, there was a trend for increasing body weight over time.

The scientists also reported that over the past several decades, average mid-life body weights have risen among primates and rodents living in research colonies, as well as among feral rodents and domestic dogs and cats. The authors of the report, which appeared in the November 24, 2010 issue of Proceedings

We are exposed to an ever increasing array of toxic chemicals which have a profound impact on our overall health. Whether it is the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the air we breath, the car we drive, or even the basic household products that we use everyday, it is virtually impossible to avoid the toxins in our environment. According to the Environmental Working Group, approximately 2.5 billion tons of chemical pollutants are released in to the environment annually. While our liver has the natural ability to release small amounts of toxic agents through waste

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